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About Patricia's Organics

Rather than using unnatural chemicals, Patricia’s Organics products are made with organic, pure ingredients, including medicinal herbs, sea vegetables, botanicals, and naturally occurring salts and clays. We use 100% pure organic essential oils, because they create divine natural fragrances and have medicinal and aromatherapeutic benefits as well.

Unlike most health and beauty products companies, we use no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, or petroleum byproducts in our formulas. And since we use organic ingredients, you won’t find significant pesticide residues either. We also practice full disclosure – we tell you everything that is in our products. Most cosmetic companies don’t.

Why is all this so important? Because your skin is permeable! You absorb what gets put on your skin (which is why the nicotine patch works). And it all goes right into your bloodstream. That’s why it’s vital that you put only pure and healthy ingredients on your skin.

Making herbal body care products is a source of endless pleasure for me, mostly because I love using them! And I love the glamorous retro look of my products, and hope you do too. I look forward to bringing you lots of fabulous new formulas to help keep you healthy and happy.

As a wardrobe stylist for film and TV, I know how important it is for you to look your best. So you deserve the best, and that’s what Patricia’s Organics is all about.


Patricia Kazmierowski

PS. Here are pictures of some of the other things that make me happy:

I've been gardening since I was four years old! Here is my garden.
This is my dog, Inky. He is head of security at Patricia's Organics


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